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Ever stop at a intersection and then all of a sudden someone honks their horn. “I’m looking at the plants!” I exclaim. Everyone trying to move too fast.

Ain’t much better than walking through somewhere you can’t actually walk through. Mostly through true curiosity. As plants grow in most places in the world it can get to be quite slow to get around.

And with the plants, other life is sustained. Insects, critters, birds, rodents, lizards, mammals, and everything in-between. Enless joy for all to see.

We can see how we are connected, how we are interdependant on this diversity that takes advantage of every inch it possibly can. We can learn from these interdependant systems, and how they build up resiliancy.

As we create gardens, we are inspired by natural flows of life. Sun, humans, water, animals, plants. All should be considered in a proper garden. This is done as a matter of course, as natural as our existance.

Once we set our gardens out, we find nature reacts. The flows of life push on our gardens. Sometimes, our best intentions fail. All failure is a chance for growth. Building resiliency takes time.

What I hope to achieve is to bring together resiliency, flow, and intuition together to create a data backed, human driven landscape design engine. Takes your best intentions and experimentations and gives data-backed feedback with an intuitive interface. And all that data is accessible to all.

As we move forward, this will be less about me. My disappearance is inevitable. Our mark on the world can be one of positive change. The ideas set out by this project will grow into all parts of the world. We can be more than we are today.